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The USTER® TESTER 5-S400 measures with a high precision all relevant quality parameters for describing the mass evenness and the imperfections. Today, foreign fibers are important issues in spinning mills – because too many make it impossible to sell the yarn. In the S400 the integrated FM sensor detects and classifies foreign fibers directly, in one step, along with all other important quality parameters. With the features of OH Sensor and the Fancy Yarn Profile the S400 offers all benefits for a precise quality control. The USTER® TESTER 5-S400 guarantees reproducible quality data and more efficiency in the production.

Key Features

  • The USTER® TESTER 5-S400 measures, with great precision, the most important quality parameters for describing mass evenness and imperfections in yarns
  • USTER®’s capacitive sensor system has been acclaimed in measuring textile quality control and quality assurance for more than 50 years
  • In the S400 all the criteria of comparable quality control plus optimal and reproducible analysis of yarn quality and spinning process are fulfilled within a very impressive price-performance ratio
  • The new USTER® Fancy Yarn Profile for the USTER® TESTER 5-S400 uses a unique measuring method which makes it easier than ever before to obtain all the quality-relevant information for slub yarns, including slub length, distance between slubs, and increases in mass