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  • E 32 UNIlap for combing sets with an output of up to 300 kg/h, i.e. 1 E 32 UNIlap supplies 3 E 80 combers.
  • VARIOspeed enables the winding speed to be adjusted continuously depending on lap diameter throughout lap build-up.
  • Maximum production speed is 140 m/min.


  • The good lap quality is based on good fibre orientation and batt structure, uniform batt weight and homogeneous lap build-up.
  • Sliver-preserving guide elements and the variable, 2-zone drafting system improve running behaviour and provide ideal drafting conditions for high fleece quality.
  • The compact, faultless batt structure is produced by the 4 calender rolls.


  • The belt-driven drafting system and good accessibility to the longitudinal section and the drafting system facilitate assortment change and machine maintenance. Optical Sensors monitor each sliver infeed for missing or stationary slivers. Machine stop at an early stage and exact fault displays enable operating personnel to remedy these quickly.
  • The E 32 UNIlap can be connected to a semi-automatic SERVOtrolley lap transport system or a fully automated SERVOlap lap transport system.