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Removal of contamination from cotton is technically...

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Removal of contamination from cotton is technically very challenging. The ever growing demand of customers was instrumental in development of SIEGER “Sonoptic” with following features.

  • Direct material flow
  • Hybrid system – Optic + Ultrasonic
  • Dust free, no mirrors
  • Highly reliable state-of-the-art imaging and electronics

The direct system eliminated unnecessary bends in material flow thereby minimizing fibre neps. Combination of Optics and Ultrasonic results in efficient identification of colored, white as well as hidden contamination with high efficiency.


In optical section of the system, contaminates are identified based on color. SIEGER ‘Sonoptic’ uses the most advance digital CCD line scan cameras with high scan rates and resolution.

The images from the camera are digitally transferred to image processor. Software with advance neura network and artificial intelligence for evaluation.


SIEGER “Sonoptic” uses Ultrasonic imaging to identify the contaminants based on density. The high accuracy and speed of the sensors enable identification of white Polymers and hidden contaminants of different densities. Signal from sensors are efficiently processed by unique embedded sonic signal processors.