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Our Quality Assurance Department

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Our Quality Assurance Department is Equipped with Latest Equipments like

  1. AFIS PRO 2 from M/S Uster Swistzslland for testing raw material as well as sliver & roving at preparatory Departments,
  2. Trash Analyzer from M/S Pioneer,
  3. Micronair Tester from M/S Pioneer,
  4. Moister Tester from MAGSOLVICS Coimbatore INDIA, are the raw material Testing equipments which will decide the Raw-Material Suitability,
  5. UT5 (Uster Uneveness Tester Version 5) from Uster Swistzlerland, Lea strength tester and TPI Tester from M/S Pioneer are the key instruments to ensure the Quality; Ours is a world class lab and we are confident that our quality reports are well accepted world wide.
  6. Classmate , uster