Human Resource Statement

Values and Leadership Principles

Values and Leadership Principles

Values are the basis of our business relationships.Therefore, special attention is paid to the Core values and the Company culture.

Our Core values are imbibed in our corporate culture, and all employees adhere to them.

Our leaders live these values through their actions. Our team leaders manage with:

  • Respect, trust and fairness
  • Clarity and focus
  • Openness and truthfulness
  • Drive
  • Commitment to team
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork

Employment and Employee Motivation

We seek to attract, retain and develop the right people, who display in addition to their professional skills, the following competencies:

  • Customer orientation
  • People orientation
  • Achievement orientation
  • Leadership
  • Impact
  • Self-confidence

We believe that only highly motivated employees lead to satisfied customers, which in turn leads to business success. Therefore, we conduct periodic employee motivation surveys and create action plans in order to constantly keep the morale high and sustain it . We aim towards a long-term work relationship in exchange for the commitment of the employees to adapt to constantly changing requirements through professional reorientation, continuous learning and mobility

Employee Safety and Health

We strive for a working environment that protects health according to high standards of safety and security.Our safety culture is based on prevention, hazard awareness, continuous improvement and compliance with carefully-developed procedures.