Experience of almost half a century ...

Sri Lakshmikantha Spinners with an experience of almost half a century in the textile industry, is striving to integrate the whole process by setting up a cotton ginning unit to cater to its own spinning unit requirement. The details of the ginning unit are as follows:

  • Unit Location The ginning unit is located 3 Kms off the sadasivpet highway
  • Ginning Unit – The unit comprises of Bajaj manufactured ginning machines
  • The unit has online Automatic contamination clearer system of M/s. seiger with provision of cleaning thoroughly the Kapas and also the Lint facilitating reduction of short fibers and keep the trash percentage less than 0.5%. seiger Scan polysensor is the most effective way of removing color as well as White / Transparent / PP / Synthetic material from cotton.
  • The Procedure: The cotton is scanned for the polypropylene impurities in the POLYSENSO R Zone and passed through the camera Zone where it is scanned for color impurities and signals the Nozzles to eject them by Airjets.
  • The Bajaj unit is equipped with automatic pressing unit .The bales are pressed and the weight is equivalent to the imported cotton bales. Being located in the cotton growing area facilitates the procurement of quality Kapas and the Ginning unit is well equipped.