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  • Longest carding section on the market for superior quality
  • Fully integrated Tuft Feeder DIRECTFEED
  • Integrated Leveling system in DIRECTFEED
  • Feeding system SENSOFEED+ for perfect short term leveling
  • Thick place monitoring in the feed area
  • Optional lap feeding for version with WEBFEED with one opening roll
  • Coordinated leveling systems in short and long-wave area
  • WEBFEED Unit with 1 or 3 opening rolls for a gentle fiber opening
  • Precision Knife Setting System PMS to adjust the waste amount in no time at all
  • Aluminium flat bars, without screw connection allow a quick flat exchange without tools
  • Precision flat setting system
  • Infinitely variable setting of the flat speed for an exact adaptation to the cotton quality
  • MULTI WEBCLEAN for customized pre- and post-carding zones
  • Sliver Former WEBSPEED, completely maintenance-free
  • Computer control with touch screen for simple operation and aimed maintenance
  • Motor controls for steeples setting of speed, draft and sliver count
  • Maintenance and clothing’s management for aimed maintenance aid areas
  • Servo drive motors
  • Separate drive for WEBFEED
  • Sliver CV and Spectrogram monitoring
  • Thick place monitoring
  • Monitored continues central suction under floor
  • Metal detection in the feed area
  • Servo drive motors (in combination with Automatic can changer CCA)
  • Advanced vector drive with CAN BUS (in combination with automatic can changer KHC)
  • Electronic Cylinder brake
  • Magnet Flat System MAGNOTOP
  • T-Con – the innovative tool for optimized card settings
  • Flat control TC-FCT allows fast and accurate calculation of the distance between cylinder and flat
  • NEPCONTROL– the online nep monitoring system for tested quality of the entire sliver
  • Monitored continues central suction above floor
  • Separate strips suction above or under floor
  • Transverse sliver Take-off – TC-TS