Blendomat BO-A1720

A cotton installation should only...

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A cotton installation should only have machines that are actually necessary. Any surplus aggregate has a negative impact on nep numbers. On Trützschler installations, cotton is always gently opened in small steps. All machines are carefully coordinated. Selecting the correct cleaner or a combination of two cleaners depends on raw material and production output. In addition to the primary task of cleaning, Trützschler blow rooms naturally provide protection against metal or heavy parts, ensure high performance dust removal and separation of foreign parts In terms of bale lay-down and work-off, the Automatic Fiber-friendly pre-cleaning When gentle removal of coarse contaminants from the raw material is required, the Pre-Cleaner CL-P is an ideal addition to the compact line. Positioned in front of the mixers and fine cleaners, the coarse-structured cleaning rolls provide a very gentle initial cleaning. Powerful mixer The Integrated Mixer MX U6 is ideal for compact installations since it connects the mixer directly to a cleaner. If two cleaners require parallel feeding, the Universal Mixers MX-U6 is also a good option. Both mixers feature the same mixing concept that ensures perfect mogenisation of the tufts.

In terms of bale lay-down and work-off, the BLENDOMAT BO-A ensures maximum flexibility when processing:

  • Production capacity up to 1,500 kg/h
  • Work-off of 1 to 3 bale groups
  • Selective work-off on one or both sides
  • Lay-down (up to 200 bales) for long, unattended operation (up to three lines simultaneously)
  • Processing of different bale heights
  • Free working area to lay down a complete ¬reserve set of bales: Working width max. 2,300 mm and machine length of 50 m and more
  • Constant production level in both travel directions

Opening with optimum quality chain

  • Two opening rolls ensure uniform production and tuft size
  • Separate lay-down of different cotton qualities in different lines is possible
  • Direct work-off of components with tuft-blended qualities
  • Simple and secure operation
  • Fully automated bale work-off
  • Automatic adaptation of travel speed
  • ntuitive operation and touch screen overview
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Work area secured by light barrier system

Advantages at one glance

  • Top flexibility in processing capacities
  • Opening with optimum quality chain
  • Simple and secure operation
  • Penetration inversion mechanism
  • Large bale lay-down
  • Flexible layout of bale groups